Market Fresh Indies. Magnetic: Cage Closed

February 20, 2015
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Market Fresh Indies. Magnetic: Cage Closed

Magnetic: Cage Closed preview

I’m a Devolver Digital fan, I like almost anything they put out, I listen to Fork Parker when he swears by certain games, they have yet to really “let me down” so to speak, so when Penny Arcade announced PAX South and Fork tweeted out something to the effect that they were “going big”, I listened and patiently waited. I may have emailed them also asking for cool shit they were doing or bringing, they didn’t reply…to any of my emails… but no matter, so is the life of a rock star publisher.

Since I hadn’t heard from any of the developers from Devolver I decided to take it upon my self to peruse what they brought to PAX South 2015, Broforce was there in, force I guess, among other strange and probably instant classics like Noct and Enter the Gungeon, but with the absence of Not a Hero I was quickly becoming disheartened, that is until I saw a curious FPS puzzler called Magnetic: Cage Closed.

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Magnetic: Cage Closed is an FPS physics puzzler coming from Guru Games, at first glance you may think it’s a Portal clone, but upon further inspection and actual gameplay you learn it’s so much more.

In Magnetic: Cage Closed you play as a prisoner during the Cold War who’s prison is cube like structures that are meant to test your intelligence, solving puzzles with cubes and the like with help of a magnet gun. Petter assures me that the magnet gun isn’t the gravity gun from Half Life but rather a truly physics driven device. Let me explain, Magnetic is the closest to a science experiment I’ve ever played, the physics that the magnet gun uses are real. You can adjust it’s strength to pull objects faster and push them further, but larger objects, if their weight is greater than yours will pull you towards it. All of these concepts work together brilliantly as you traverse through each prison cube avoiding death by fire and suffocation by gas.

magnetic cage closed,pax south 2015,guru games,nerd farmMagnetic: Cage Closed was one of the best games I played at PAX South 2015, aside from Guild of Dungeoneering it was one of the few games I returned to play more than once. Surprisingly you should be able to see Magnetic: Cage Closed before the end of the year on PC and PS4, so get psyched about that.

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