Marvel vs Capcom: Origins: Bargain Bin Game Full Retail Price

October 9, 2012
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Marvel vs Capcom: Origins: Bargain Bin Game Full Retail Price

Marvel vs Capcom: Origins: Bargain Bin Game Full Retail Price

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If you were a gamer that lived through the Dreamcast era (as short lived as it was) you probably played Marvel vs Capcom a few times. Or a few dozen. Or you got brutally assaulted by an infinite combo and decided to never pick the game up again. It happens, and there isn’t much you can do to prevent it, save staying at home and playing with your friends who are also terrible at it. GO TEAM BUTTON MASHERS!


All the extra wasted space on the sides really sells it

Well recently, the powers that be decided to cash in on the old MvC craze by releasing Origins, the arcade version of the MvC classic, which has been ported directly, sprites and all to the XBLA scene. This is all fine and dandy if it was say maybe 400 mS points. But yet again, because they plan on cashing in on the need for nostalgia set the price tag at a whopping 1200 MS points. Then to add further insult to injury, the default settings which allow the “meta-game” to be displayed, have your screen set to “arcade mode” which is basically a square screen in the middle of your wide screen television, with certain goals popping up on the side every so often as you complete them or add to the requirements for them. Granted you can change the screen to take up an entire 55 inch wide screen tv, but then it looks like garbage. I guess you can have either one or the other here.

All in all, I thought the original Marvel vs Capcom was a great game, and a perfect merger of two worlds, but in this day and age you are going to have to do a lot more to get cash out of me.


Back to the Farm!

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