Sex Criminals #1. Matt Fraction sells more than just sex.

October 3, 2013
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Sex Criminals #1. Matt Fraction sells more than just sex.

Sex Criminals #1. Matt Fraction sells more than just sex.

Matt Fraction sells more than just sex in Sex Criminals #1.

I like Matt Fractions work, since like is a very likable word, I would put Fraction’s recent works in the upper echelon of writers in the comic book industry right now. FF was cute and unexpectedly funny, Hawkeye is like a cult classic guilty pleasure that everyone should be reading, and Satellite Sam while being my least favorite of the bunch, is still a damn good read. So I’m putting Fraction in the “do no wrong” category right now, and with Brian Michael Bendis boasting early on that Sex Criminals #1 was even batter than Hawkeye, well, I had to get my hands on this book.

sex criminals,matt fraction,image comics,nerd farm blog,sex criminals #1Sex Criminals #1, a diary about a young woman’s quest to discover just what was happening when she…well, orgasms. That sounded a lot less dirty in my head, but reading it sounds obvious about what does happen, but trust me, it’s not what you think. Suzie has the ability to stop time around her after she completes her joyous business, everything becomes warm, quiet, and colorful. So what do you do with this, power? The answer’s in the books’ title.

While not as funny as Fraction’s other stuff, even though the whole section with out of control sex acts drawn on a toilet stall door had me choking on my morning coffee, the book obviously remains very well written. The two main characters are likable, and the supporting cast so far have been memorable. Chip Zdarsky‘s art is clean and fits the book’s less serious demeanor spot on. Zdarsky can’t take all of the credit though, the vibrant colors on each page are thanks to Becka Kinzie.

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