Matthew Kadish Interview with The Dork Knight

January 25, 2015
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Matthew Kadish Interview with The Dork Knight

Nerd Farm’s Exclusive Matthew Kadish Interview

Last year, your friendly neighborhood Dork Knight was invited to the 2014 Las Vegas Star Trek Convention to interview Matthew Kadish, author of The Earthman Jack Space Saga. (While we were there, we also threw together a little video overview of what we experienced at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas that you can check that out here.)

In my interview, Matthew discusses what inspires him to write, his love for science fiction, and just who is Earthman Jack. He also shares a little about his past, what drives him, what got him into storytelling, and his plans for the future. My Matthew Kadish interview ends with his advice to up-and-coming writers. I hope you enjoy it.

Matthew Kadish Interview with The Dork Knight

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