Metal Gear Solid News Abound!

August 30, 2012
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Metal Gear Solid News Abound!

Metal Gear Solid News Abound!

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Early this morning, on the eve of PAX, and across the ocean, Metal Gear Solid was holding a celebration for it’s 25th year of existence. What better way to celebrate than make all your fans even happier by announcing a crap load of upcoming projects. The largest and greatest of these being Kojima’s announcement, not of Metal Gear Solid 5, but of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. An ambitious open world where Big Boss supposedly can call in vehicles and helicopters for transport, be captured, and even escape said prison. Goers of the  event got to see a demo of the game, taking place at night, in the rain with Big Boss sporting the infamous stealth camo. The demo was run on a PC, under current specs, using the FOX Engine, and was applauded for it’s beautiful transitions from cut-scenes to gameplay. It’s suggested that this technology will come into play for next gen consoles. Let’s hope that the rumors are true, so we can see this beauty late 2013.

Not so exciting news, Metal Gear Solid is also getting a smartphone game! That’s social media inspired. Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops is slated to release this year, and GREE chief operating officer Yoshikazu Tanaka showcased some 3D graphics using it’s Unity Engine. Reports say it’ll have a card based battle system with Mother Base staff controls a la Peace Walker. /sarcasticyay

And lastly, the devastating news comes courtesy of Columbia Pictures, Metal Gear Solid will get it’s own movie,  produced by Avi Arad, who’s last video game movie was 1994’s Double Dragon. Please God, have mercy on the MGS series and help Arad produce a good film. Hell, I’ll even take a decent film, just give us something worth watching.


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