Mobile gaming at PAX 13

September 24, 2013
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Mobile gaming at PAX 13

Mobile gaming at PAX 13

Mobile Gaming at PAX 13z3title

As attendees already know, PAX isn’t just about the big three, Xbox something, PS-Whatever, and Nintendo. It has a lot to offer indie and mobile designers, as a means to get their name and properties out there among the masses. Today, I wanted to share some of what I thought were the more entertaining mobile games at PAX 13, so let’s get started!

ghostsz3From Big Fish Games comes Zombie Zombie Zombie (or Z3)! It functions as a tablet puzzler, with the main mechanic being that you are attempting to stop the oncoming zombie horde by match 3 of the same zombie in a triangular pattern. Once the triangle is complete, all zombies within the zone take damage. It’s important to note that not all zombies will die from one zone, so you have to be quick on your feet (or fingers in this case) to make sure you defeat them! To be quite honest, this game kinda makes me want to buy another iPad. It’s a lot of fun, and you get cool power-ups like machine guns and helicopters, and other whacky machines that can wreak havoc on the undead minions of doom!

littleproperNext up, Little Legends: The Battle for Willow Lane! While at its core, Little Legends is essentially Bejeweled with a battle mode, I thought that this fact was exactly what made it fun. While you race at break neck speed to match gems for your combos, each combo adds to your power-ups displayed on the lower left corner of the screen. Each one corresponds to a specific color, so the more of a single object you match, the more of the specific power-up you gain, until you are able to fire it at your opponent. These include smoke bombs, swords, and ultimate moves based on your character.

And lastly, I wanted to talk about Jacob’s Ladder, from Light Spiral Studios. You take on the role of an invisible helper, moving ladders and floors to allow Jacob to ascend further into, what I can only presume is his dream. Unless you want to get really existential about it, and that is an entire rabbit hole I have no intention of going down.

laddertriAs you can see from the 3 shots above, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to move the world around a constantly traveling Jacob, to ensure his safety. Should you fail, Jacob will ultimately fall to his doom. You can also earn in game currency to purchase upgrades for your game experience. It’s definitely light hearted fun, in a world of explosions, but will keep you decently entertained.

Just in case you missed it, I’ve included links in each game’s title so you can check out each game yourselves!

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