My Favorite Borderlands 2 Gun Manufacturer. DAHL.

September 24, 2012
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My Favorite Borderlands 2 Gun Manufacturer. DAHL.

My Favorite Borderlands 2 Gun Manufacturer. DAHL.

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Seeing as how Burke threw down with his overall fave, Jakobs, I thought I should weigh in with a counter argument (seeing as how Jakobs is my least favorite when it comes to most weapons in the game). This go at Pandora, I chose DAHL. Granted I love the raw power that Jakobs puts in your hands, but having every weapon as a semi automatic just isn’t my thing. Sure they make the most powerful snipers in the game, but as a Commando, I need to have a high rate of fire and accuracy, so I went with good’ole DAHL Corporation. And let me tell you this, they don’t disappoint. Two Words: Corrosive Teapot. Learn to love it. This little pistol will take down almost anything you point it at, with the added bonus of burst fire while zoomed. Top that off with corrosive damage and a pentagonal sight aperture, any baddies unlucky enough to get in your way are going to be mere puddles of goo by the time you get done with the first volley.

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 But having access to a gajillionbazillion guns means not having to stick with just one of the fancy, schmancy weapons dealers, so my second favorite is going to be Tediore. Because nothing says death and destruction like firing a full clip of shotgun ammo then lobbing the whole gun at your enemy to have it blow up on contact. So basically you don’t even need to throw your precious grenades, because reloading a Tediore weapon causes the same effect. And this is more than enough to pull your ass out of some tight spots.

Make sure to leave us your opinions in the comments and tell us what you think is the best weapon manufacturer in the game!


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