My Favorite Borderlands 2 Gun Manufacturer. Jakobs.

September 23, 2012
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My Favorite Borderlands 2 Gun Manufacturer. Jakobs.

My Favorite Borderlands 2 Gun Manufacturer. Jakobs.

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Borderlands 2 has been out for less than a week and it’s literally all I’ve been doing with my life, really. You’re all lucky I’m even writing on the blog as we speak, but alas, the blog must run, and instead of reviewing the gigantic open world title that is Borderlands 2, I thought I would let you guys know who my favorite gun manufacturer is.

Reviewing Borderlands 2 would be trivial, you either like it, or you don’t. The character creation and amount of guns you have at your disposal have been increased 10 fold since the first Borderlands. Characters have a huge amount of customizable body and face skins, each skill tree is dramatically different and will strongly dictate how you play your character, and of course the gazillionjillion weapons you get to choose from have you balancing sanity with OCD. The story is greatly improved and has some great climaxes that should not be spoiled for anyone. Plus everyone you talk to on Pandora is insane and is spontaneously hilarious. So there’s the sweet and short review, now it’s time for more gun talk.

Choosing a gun in Borderlands 2 is tough, not because there’s so many, but because there’s so many good ones to choose from. The character you choose, and your play style will strongly dictate what weapons you will be most successful with. I’m playing my first playthrough with Zer0 and have chosen to run completely down the “Bloodshed” tree, making me a melee dominating take no names because I don’t give-a-fk ass kicker. It also makes carrying around sniper rifles essentially pointless. I’m up close and personal, in and out quick (giggity), making shotguns and pistols my best friends. Do I choose my previous love, Maliwan? The less powerful weapons with increased elemental chance leaving my enemies burning or slowly melting away. Maybe Tediore, “The Everyman’s Weapon” leaving reloading in the dust and grenading my empty weapon at my unsuspecting foe. Well, I choose Jakobs.

borderlands 2,jakobs,guns,nerd farm blog

Jakobs, the manufacturer bringing the wild west to Pandora, let’s you “Fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.” All their weapons have custom wooden stocks and none of them come with automatic fire. They sacrifice elemental damage and high accuracy for incredible damage. I like their shotguns, but I love their revolvers. Quick firing makes you feel like a real gunslinger, reloading is even faster, critical hit damage puts even the strongest enemy on it’s back, and the added melee damage on the “Ornery” line does retarded damage and makes enemies explode when back stabbing out of Deception. I try other weapons, but nothing feels like a monster in my hands like Jakobs.

Leave your favorite manufacturer in the comments and let us know why. Maybe you’ll make one of us a believer in your favorite manufacturer.


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  4. Magnus Olsson

    Im with you on this one… playing Zer0 as a sniper and at first i went for the Vladof line of guns since A: i loooove the hammer and sicle design and 2: They offer high damage and fast rate of fire, which is good if youre getting on in the years like me and cant nail that running psycho in the head every time.
    But the extreme impact of jacobs just wins me over. Sure, i might not like the fact that they use revolver mechanisms on their snipers and that their (not-so-)assault rifles look kinda wonkey (especially with the drum magazine) but they sure make an impression on your enemies. And first impressions last…

  5. Olivier Renault

    Love the Jacobs. Their revolvers own. About twice the damage as the other pew-pews, and accurate too. Insane rate of fire. First hit to pop that critical, then unload! Got a cool sniper rifle too, and a mean shotgun that’s perfect for Zer0 close quarter crits. Also good at popping goliath’s helmet and watch them pulp everything around them. Always a laugh.

    Really no love for Hyperion. The lack of initial accuracy is a complete deal breaker.

  6. Professor Anatil (@ProfessorAnatil)

    It varies for me, for the most part I do not have a favorite gun company across the board, I usually prefer certain lines from each company.

    Sniper rifles – I prefer the Jakobs Muckamuck line but do not care for their Chinook line of sniper rifles or any other company’s sniper rifles.

    Shotguns – Jakobs wins here again as I like their Longrider line of shotguns but the jury is still out on their Scattergun line.

    Pistols – Not really a fan of these, though I do prefer the Bandit Ratatater line, they always seem to be decent plus have a massive ammo capacity and just look comical with those 2 round ammo drums on the side.

    SMGs – Maliwan elemental all the way. Though Hyperion SMGs in short bursts fired immediately upon aiming does fairly well.

    Assault Rifles/Machine Guns – Vladof are good for full auto rifles and I usually go with their Rifle line as they have good recoil and decent stats. Bandit is my favorite for machine gun type rifles, Ass Beeter! line and Mashine Gun lines are more like the machine guns from Borderlands 1 which were some of my favorite weapons. However Vladof does seem to have better recoil.

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  18. Burke

    After writing this I found Jakobs to really work well with my Assassin and my Anarchy Mechromancer. Very rarely do I get to truly enjoy Jakobs with any other character. The pure Crit damage with the sniper and low clip size for my Mechro makes them perfect.

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