Nerd Farmcast Episode 28. The Horror Episode.

October 20, 2014
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 28. The Horror Episode.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 28. The Horror Episode.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 28

I’m calling Nerd Farmcast Episode 28 “The Horror Episode” not only because it’s the month of our beloved Halloween, but also because we had a special guest who’s in love with horror games as much as I am. Kevin (@KevinApocalypse) from joins me, making it the first time anyone not affiliated with Nerd Farm made the show!

Kevin and I discuss Alien Isolation and The Evil Within, obviously coining off “The Horror Episode” title of the podcast. Those games spur off into talks about various Resident Evil and Silent Hill titles including Hideo Kojima‘s brilliant P.T. teaser. Destiny also gets a ring and I’m sure that discussion is like the one everyone else who doesn’t care for repetitive grinding is having now.

Really though, most of Nerd Farmcast Episode 28 just turns into one big Borderlands lovefest. Nerd Farmcast Episode 28 has something for everyone, so there’s really no reason¬†not listen to it. Capisce?

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