Nerd Farmcast Episode 32. PAX South 2015

February 9, 2015
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 32. PAX South 2015

Nerd Farmcast Episode 32. PAX South 2015

Nerd Farmcast Episode 32

Nerd Farmcast Episode 32 is here and of course it’s me bringing along Kevin from We discuss how PAX South 2015 went, lucky for you there’s actually two points of view, one from the media and the other from a vendor. By listening past that point you’ll get to hear how Dying Light is free running its way into zombie the flooded zombie genre, how neither of us really think Dragon Age: Inquisition is Game of the Year material, rap about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare loadouts (not literally rapping, although that would be pretty awesome), and then completely forget to talk about Resident Evil: REmastered which was almost the entire effing point of the podcast.

We also kind of shit on Nintendo’s Creator’s Program but that’s nothing really “new” anymore, I think everyone feels it’s bad for the industry, but who knows. This is Nerd Farmcast Episode 32, enjoy.


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