Nerd Farmcast Episode 34. Bloodborne Hater Nation.

May 5, 2015
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 34. Bloodborne Hater Nation.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 34. Bloodborne Hater Nation.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 34

My inability to surf my own blog properly led me to believe this was podcast #33, well, I investigated a little further, and by that I mean I just read down the “Podcast” page I discovered this is in fact Nerd Farmcast Episode 34!

Kevin from is back again and we have a lot to talk about, two months is a long time to hold in all that pent up nerd knowledge. Pun or no pun, you decide. In Nerd Farmcast Episode 34 we discuss everything from Kojima leaving Konami, Konami’s recent struggles, our distaste for the S&M genre that Dark Souls and Bloodborne reside in, Claptrap love in Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, hopes for Star Wars Battlefront, comic con and pop cons in general, and then change it up by talking about upcoming movies. Yes, I may have teared up at the new Star Wars trailer, and both of us are questioning Batman v Superman and DC’s wardrobe choices for the Suicided Squad. It’s got a little of everything, and everything’s tasty. Take that Golden Corral!

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