Nerd Farmcast Episode 37. Death and Rage.

July 14, 2015
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 37. Death and Rage.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 37. Death and Rage.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 37!

Wow, what a downer to name a podcast “Death and Rage”, but Nerd Farmcast Episode 37 couldn’t avoid the sad news of ¬†Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata‘s death. While Kevin and myself weren’t keenly familiar with the man, the myth, the legend, we clearly saw the devastating affect his death had on the gaming community.

Fret not though, Nerd Farmcast 37 isn’t just gloom, we also put “Rage” in the title! No not Rage, the id game that was good yet ill received by fans, but rage that fuels my very being while I’m gaming. The stories of my rage quitting and berserker freak outs aren’t exaggerated and are sadly very true.

The untimely death of Mr. Iwata also forced a look back at what made Nintendo so great to us, and what it did for us as gamers. Then we looked back only a few weeks and relived E3 2015 all over again.

That’s right, Nerd Farmcast Episode 37 finally covers E3 2015. Kevin and I bring up our favorite and not so favorite parts of what had been arguably one of the best E3’s of the decade. Enjoy!

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