Nerd Farmcast Episode 38. SMITE A to Aphrodite

July 20, 2015
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 38. SMITE A to Aphrodite

Nerd Farmcast Episode 38. SMITE A to Aphrodite

Nerd Farmcast Episode 38

Nic joins me once again in Nerd Farmcast Episode 38 to talk more about SMITE open beta on the XBox One. While SMITE is technically different on the PC, fundamentally it’s still pretty much the same on the Xbox One. Since Nic and I can’t stop talking about the SMITE open beta, we decided to talk to everyone over the podcast and go over the basic and pro builds of every SMITE character. Of course we aren’t sufficient in every character, but I’ve ranked 21 gods and Nic has ranked some 30+, so together we’re pretty well versed in SMITE’s massive 68 god roster.

In Nerd Farmcast Episode 38 we manage to cover gods alphabetically from Agni (or Swagni) to Aphrodite. Follow along using and see how to build and counter build each god. In the upcoming episode we plan on aborting the alphabetical nature of the first podcast and cover all of the ADC’s since their builds tend to be similar, and rather discuss their combos and how to defend against them.

So sit back and hopefully be entertained by items, numbers, and other nonsense in Nerd Farmcast Episode 38!

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