Nerd Farmcast Episode 41. PAX Prime 2015 Day 0-1

August 29, 2015
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 41. PAX Prime 2015 Day 0-1

Nerd Farmcast Episode 41. PAX Prime 2015 Day 0-1

Nerd Farmcast Episode 41

Hey, someone who’s never on the podcast finally appears on Nerd Farmcast Episode 41, and her name is Wife! Ok, so her name’s not legally wife, it’s Jennifer (@thejenlant) and she’s joined me as media over this wonderfully drizzling PAX Prime 2015 weekend. Kevin even manages to make his way over as an unexpected guest to turn what was supposed to be a 15-20 recap of Day 1 of PAX Prime 2015 into a 50 min adventure.

So I don’t think we ever say that this podcast is Nerd Farmcast Episode 41, but believe me, it is. Nerd Farmcast Episode 41 covers day 0, much like E3 day 0 except that it’s not like it at all, because there’s not huge press conferences announcing huge releases, oh and it covers day 1. Microsoft invited us up north to their offices in yuppie Redmond for their ID@Xbox event, showing off how much they love indies. Some of our favorites included the much anticipated Cuphead that was very playable, The Flame in the Flood, Tumblestone, Ark, and Wife’s party game favorites Just Shapes & Beats and Clusterpuck 99.

Then I learned I’m not more terrible than my wife at MOBA’s and she tore down our team with her terrible heals at Gigantic‘s free play at Gameworks. Then topped it all off at the Party Hard…party, put on by Tinybuild at Capital Cider.

Sure she missed half of Day 1 because of partying too hard at the Party Hard party, while I woke up at the crack of dawn and carried this whole damn blog all day, slaving away playing amazing titles like For Honor, Battleborn, and The Division, but she did manage to make it to the Gearbox panel! The AAA game is strong this year but of course I made it to the indie booths, and I’m here to give you some Nerd Farm Market Fresh Indies for Nerd Farmcast Episode 41. Listen up, and drink it in.

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