Nerd Farmcast Episode 42. Arachne to Bellona

September 14, 2015
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 42. Arachne to Bellona

Nerd Farmcast Episode 42. Arachne to Bellona

Nerd Farmcast Episode 42

The Smite podcasts continue with Nerd Farmcast Episode 42 as Nic and I cruise through 8 Gods in 45 minutes. That has to be some type of record. We even manage to cover the three items that have been getting some attention after improvements on PC as we impatiently await their buff on Xbox One.

For those of you who haven’t already started listening to Nerd Farmcast Episode 42 or are hesitant too because you fear you’ll waste 45 minutes of your precious life and not hear about the God you want to, fret not, I’ll spoil it a little for you and say we cover all the Gods in alphabetical order from Ares to Bellona. And trust me, the coverage is pretty great.

Need more spoilers? Fine, those three items I hinted at earlier, we branch off and discuss the Bluestone Pendant, Mail of Renewal, and Soul Eater as it appears some pros have taken a liking to their newest changes.

So sit back and enjoy the latest Smite Nerd Farmcast Episode 42 and follow along on

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