Nerd Farmcast Episode 45. 2015 Farmys!!!

January 13, 2016
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 45. 2015 Farmys!!!

Nerd Farmcast Episode 45!

The holiday season is over, and since I was incredibly busy myself I wasn’t even planning on doing the 2015 Farmys, but Kevin, that beautiful bastard wanted to do Nerd Farmcast Episode 45 all about the best and dimmest of 2015. First of all we just can’t get Google Hangouts to record properly, I can’t get rid of my echo so I apologize profusely and thank you for not letting it annoy you as much as it does me.

So if you can get past the echo, Nerd Farmcast Episode 45 the 2015 Farmys turned out pretty damn well. Maybe some awards will surprise you and maybe you’ll see a few titles you hadn’t wanted to try but are no intrigued by.

Let’s get this shit started:

Most Undeservingly Shit on Multiplayer Game of the Year – Star Wars Battlefront

Best Digital Port – World of Tanks (Xbox One)

fallout 4,nerd farmcast episode 45,podcastBest Trash Collecting Simulator – Fallout 4

Best Telltale Game Not Made By Telltale – Life is Strange

Game I wish I had Played in 2015 but will Definitely be Playing in 2016 – Tales from the Borderlands

Best Racer I Didn’t Play Enough of – F1 2015

Best Walking Simulator – Everybody’s Gone to Rapture

Best Supernatural Detective Title – Vanishing of Ethan Carter

undertale,nerd farmcast episode 45,padcastBiggest What the Hell Are You Talking About – Undertale

Best Campy Horror – Until Dawn

I Can’t Believe We’re Talking about this but I’m Glad We are – Rocket League

Biggest Underachiever – Evolve

Most Infuriating Digital Card RPG – Hand of Fate

bloodborne death screen,nerd farmcast episode 34,podcast,nerd farmMost Controllers Destroyed Because of This Craven  of a Game – Bloodborne

Best Competitive ESports Game I just Can’t Quit – Smite

Great Game, Still Don’t Give a Shit about the Series – Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Read the Fine Print – Final Fantasy VII

Who Wanted this Remaster – Prototype/Darksiders 2/Deadpool

Best Prequel To Game of the Year – Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

hotline miami 2 final chapter,nerd farmcast episode 45,podcastBest Drug Infused Level – Hotline Miami 2

Still No Respect from the FGC – Mortal Kombat X

You Guys Still Play this Game (PC) – GTA V

Best Game to Scratch Your Skyrim Itch – The Witcher 3

Best Exclusive that has no Reason to be – Rise of the Tomb Raider

Wii Who – Wii U

Kevin GOTY – Lego Jurassic World

metal gear solid v the phantom pain,goat fulton,nerd farmcast episode 45,nerd farmBurke GOTY – Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Well there you have it, the 2015 Farmys!  Sorry about the echo. Sorry about the echo.


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