Nerd Farmcast Episode 48! Everything Overwatch.

June 9, 2016
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Nerd Farmcast Episode 48! Everything Overwatch.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 48! Everything Overwatch.

Nerd Farmcast Episode 48

Welcome Nic back for Nerd Farmcast Episode 48 as we discuss everything that is Overwatch. Overwatch is the multiplayer arcade shooter that has everyone’s attention, and it’s been just long enough for Nic and myself to give our unabashed opinions.

If you remember Nic and I way back in the days covered just about every God in SMITE during our previous podcasts, Nerd Farmcast Episode 48 is just a little different hoping to add a little more insight to each of Overwatch’s Heroes rather than just going over each and every hero’s kit alphabetically.

The great thing about Overwatch is its ability to mix everyone’s play style and skill set, we have our favorite heroes, we have our most hated heroes, we also have the heroes we just can’t seem to get the hang of (Mei, I’m talking bout you).

Despite Overwatch’s  fee-to-pay model and it’s appearance to have a lack of content, there’s a bunch to learn and a lot to master in every hero and match, it’s something that’s hard to explain but somehow Blizzard understands.

So thanks for checking it out and we hope your ear holes enjoy Nerd Farmcast Episode 48. Everything Overwatch.

You can follow along with every Hero here and every map here.


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