Newest Hawkeye Pleases Me.

August 3, 2012
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Newest Hawkeye Pleases Me.

Newest Hawkeye Pleases Me.

Hawkeye #1 review


Hawkeye isn’t an alien being with super powers. He isn’t a super intelligent scientist capable of making state of the art suits of armor. And he’s not a test subject from a super secret lab given healing powers and cat like reflexes. He’s just a guy, who’s really good at using a weapon made of a stick and string from the Paleolithic era. He’s Hawkeye, and he’s an Avenger.

In Hawkeye’s newest attempt at solo action, the whole attention of the book is what Clint Barton does when he’s not an Avenger, which turns out to be getting the shit beat out of him. The book opens up with Hawkeye falling from a rooftop and landing on top of a car breaking several bones in his body and putting him in the hospital for six weeks. The story then has Clint save the dilapidated building he calls home from a sneaky fucking Russian named Ivan, for the sake of his neighbors. There are beatings, Clint gives and takes his fair share, and ends up footing the bill for his newest best friend, a dog named “Arrow”.

The story may not sound like much, but the Hawkeye Matt Fraction has developed shows such great character. He’s filled with so many different types of emotions. You can tell he’s a good guy, want’s what’s best for his friends, and enjoys his life outside the Avengers just as much as being an Avenger. He knows his weaknesses and yet still does what he feels is right. Punching people in the face is usually returned with a punch in the face, and Clint Barton can take a punch. I wasn’t sure about David Aja’s art upon first glance at the first page of Hawkeye #1, but after completing the book, the art flowed extremely well with Matt Fraction’s writing style. The New York Clint Barton likes to slip away to when he’s not with the Avengers isn’t filled with beautiful people, and Aja’s art fits these ghettos perfectly. It’s serious art for a seriously good book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Hawkeye #1, just as much, if not more than Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe. The hype for this book is not undersold, Matt Fraction and David Aja have got things off to a strong start, let’s hope this promising first issue can keep up steam and become a staple book in the Marvel universe. I think it’s Hawkeye’s turn in the limelight, and this book is just what the sharpshooter needs.


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