Ninjabot’s Next Kickstarter. The Fairytale Collection

November 4, 2014
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Ninjabot’s Next Kickstarter. The Fairytale Collection

Ninjabot’s Next Kickstarter. The Fairytale Collection

The Fairytale Collection Kickstarter

The Ninjabot is back on Kickstarter, yeup you heard that right, but it’s not what you’ve come to expect, this time they’ve ventured away from comic book hero ORIGIN stories and into something a little more magical, appropriately calling it The Fairytale Collection.

Not only is The Fairytale Collection a step in a different direction project wise, it’s also a giant step in a different direction artistically for Ninjabot as well. Instead of vector prints, Arnel is branching out and creating beautiful watercolor prints depicting the original fairytale stories in what would have been one of their traditional mediums.

the ninjabot,the fairytale collection,kickstarter,nerd farmThe Ninjabot is looking at a meager $3,000 pledge goal to get The Fairytale Collection started, with rewards ranging from a large number of prints in various sizes to thank you’s and stickers. Of course no Kickstarter would be complete without stretch goals, these could give backers full color prints and even two new designs! So get to backing slackers, these prints are just too magical mystical to pass up. I was going to use gorgeous, but man I just wanted to use magical mystical when it comes to fairy tales so badly.

The Ninjabot has had successful Kickstarters in the past and have always delivered on what was promised. Here’s how you can become a backer: The Fairytale Collection

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