Not so Retro Review: Pokemon Rumble Blast!

April 2, 2013
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Not so Retro Review: Pokemon Rumble Blast!

Not so Retro Review: Pokemon Rumble Blast!

rumbleblastRecently, I’ve been playing a lot of 3DS games. Namely Pokemon, but there was some DigDug in there too! I swear! Anywho, no judging. Alternating between Mystery Dungeon (which I will be reviewing soon) and Rumble Blast, I thought I would let you guys know a little bit about it.

rumblerushThe game takes a little twist for some meta action with you taking on the roll of someone, I guess imagining playing with their Pokemon figures. The story line is a little weird, with Cobalion taking a turn for evil, stealing the Pokemon toy world’s supply of glow drops. Glow drops, for those who don’t know, are used as a liquid healing agent. I haven’t completed the story, but most of the game is spent chasing Cobalion and his cohorts while you attempt to gain back the stolen glow drops.

Along the way, you will face, beat and befriend many different Pokemon, all the way up to the latest 649 from Black and White. As you progress, you will face an increasing amount of Pokemon, whose power increases as you capture them. I was disappointed that  your figures won’t actually level, you simply exchange them with the new figures you capture.

rumblebattleAll in all, the game is slightly repetitive, however if you like collecting Pokemon, you’re going to have your hands full. But if you aren’t hard core about your Pokemon games, you probably just want to wait for X/Y.

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