NYCC 2014 – Powers, Hawkeye, Predators and… Archie?

October 13, 2014
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NYCC 2014 – Powers, Hawkeye, Predators and… Archie?

NYCC 2014 – Powers, Hawkeye, Predators and… Archie?

NYCC 2014

Well it looks like NYCC 2014 was bigger than SDCC and apparently much, much more relevant, in the comic book department that is. Bringing in a whopping 151,000 attendants it surpassed the latest SDCC of 2014, wow, but enough about numbers let’s get into what exactly mattered to me, since it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want with it.

NYCC 2014 was crammed full of juicy news like Ant-Man and Spider-Gwen getting ongoing series, Netflix’s Daredevil costume reveal, and tons more, just check out ComicBookResources NYCC index, but nothing stood out more than these three little ditties I’ll tell you about.

Remember all the haters from E3 2014 that were going on about “who’s this Brian guy?” and “why is he talking so long about something that isn’t video games?” during Sony’s press conference? Well finally, Brian Michael Bendis and his motley crew (no relation to the band just creative adjectives) released the first trailer to the Sony exclusive Powers at NYCC 2014. I doubted the casting of Sharlto Copley as detective Christian Walker purely on his build and not his acting prowess, and of course Copley looks as if he’s going to play the part perfectly. Here’s the first look!

I know what you’re thinking, I saw Hawkeye in the title and I’m very intrigued, well fret not lovers of the hawkguy, Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Annie Wu may be leaving us, but Marvel brought in another competent bunch that I know will do just fine. During its NYCC 2014 Axel-in-Charge panel Marvel revealed that Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez would be grabbing the reins of Hawkeye as early as spring of 2015. I have complete faith in this duo since I watched Jeff Lemire pull DC’s New 52 Green Arrow book out of its grave and bring it to the top of my pull list. I think it’s obviously ironic that both characters happen to be archers, but hey, easier the transition and less of a shakeup I don’t always say.

And then this happened…

archie vs predator,dark horse comics,nycc 2014,nerd farmYes, you read that right, as if Archie hasn’t done enough this year, surviving the zombie apocalypse in Afterlife with Archie all while not surviving his own death in Life with Archie, Archie will come face to face with the almost perfect killing machine in, Archie vs Predator. I about shit my pants when I heard about it. This is real people and I want it now!

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