Oh my god yes! Hotline Miami 2.

September 12, 2013
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Oh my god yes! Hotline Miami 2.

Oh my god yes! Hotline Miami 2.

Hotline Miami 2 at PAX!

I know the title of this post sounds highly sexual, and it some ways it may be, but lets just stick with an unbridled excitement for Dennaton’s upcoming hyperviolent masterpiece, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number.

So at PAX I caught up with my new man crush Dennis Wedin (the dudes bad ass, just look at the featured pic), the designer of the ultra stylized Hotline Miami. He managed to take a few moments out of his busy schedule accepting thousands of “thank yous” from fans to talk to me, another fan, about their next endeavor into madness.

Expect the same stylized mayhem like the first Hotline Miami, a lot of the same artists are coming back for more iconic synth magic, but expect much more character driven story with a little less emphasis on masks.

For those paying very close attention to the video, I am not privileged enough to be playing Hotline Miami on the PS4, and I’m currently not playing Hotline Miami 2. These were mix ups in my head that came out as word vomit talking to the makers of one of my favorite games right now.

You can play Hotline Miami right now on the PlayStation 3 and Steam, and expect to see Hotline Miami 2 later this year on the PlayStation 4.

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