Okami Getting the Beautiful HD Treatment

June 19, 2012
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Okami Getting the Beautiful HD Treatment

Okami Getting the Beautiful HD Treatment

okami HD,PlayStation 2,PSN,Nerd Farm BlogThe much beloved and highly respected Okami is finally getting to display how wonderful and beautiful it was always meant to be. Today PlayStation.blog announced that Okami HD will indefinitely be released this fall on the PlayStation Network complete with trophies and PlayStation Move support. I actually own the PS2 version of Okami, but never got to play it that often because of the hassle without a backwards compatible PS3, but let’s face it, the PS2 games on PS3 look like crap for the most part anyways. And who the hell wants to play the Wii, I considered buying Okami for the Wii but then I remembered my Wii never gets turned on, so.


In the trailer you can see the dramatic difference in quality between the PS2 and PS3 versions. Okami HD will be the game that can sell PlayStation Moves, smart move Sony.


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