On site with Smashmuck Champions

September 14, 2013
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On site with Smashmuck Champions

On site with Smashmuck Champions

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Going into PAX, I was really excited to talk to the Smashmuck Champions team, given that I had been playing their game pretty much non-stop in preparation for speaking with them. One of the most original MOBA games I’ve seen yet, SMC goes out of its way to not fall into the simple 3 lane formula that nearly all MOBAs play. With 5 different game modes, 2 of which have 3 and 5 player variants, Smashmuck removes itself from the herd so to speak, giving players new to MOBA style games a ton of content, and providing veteran players many alternatives to what is becoming a very stale game of tower defense.

smash1When first logging into a game and starting up the tutorial, players will notice that from the get go, this isn’t the average QWER MOBA setup. By default, you control your character with the natural WASD setup that I’ve come to know and love, leaving your mouse hand free to control attacks and skills. Each champion features 3 moves, generally consisting of 2 attack abilities and one support skill. While I am saying support here, I don’t mean all characters are support characters, but simply a third skill that allows the player to either boost some feature of his chosen character, or benefit the team as a whole without providing a locked down support. For example, the character I play is called Zert. He’s a mono-wheeled, double armed laser firing robot, whose skills allow him to do tons of damage, and maintain a high rate of movement speed, while his supporting skill is a knock back.

smash2Another thing I love about Smashmuck and the team behind it, is that you can really show the appreciation they have for their fans, community, and success that is a result of the former.

While attending PAX, I got to sit in on the Smashmuck Champions panel, where we, the players, helped create a brand new champion to take into the game. Previously the community generated Dr. Jennifer and my personal favorite Platimus the Platicorn, whose back story is closely related to Batman, if Bruce Wayne had decided to take on the guise of unicorns instead of bats. But instead of me rambling on, how about you check out the interview I had with Corey, and then judge for yourself if Smashmuck Champions is the MOBA for you!

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