ORIGIN Series Part II. A Ninjabot Kickstarter

September 18, 2013
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ORIGIN Series Part II. A Ninjabot Kickstarter

ORIGIN Series Part II. A Ninjabot Kickstarter

ORIGIN Series Part II.

Our friends over at Ninjabot are at it again, bringing even more of the prints you love so much to life. Well, hopefully they’ll be bringing more as long as you empty a fair share of cash from your pockets and wallets, or wherever you keep your stash (I’m talking to you sweat pants wearers).

Ninjabot builds upon their last ORIGIN Kickstarter with some more heroes humble and not-so-humble beginnings, with vibrant colors and stunning visuals. Miss the first run? No problem, with the ORIGIN Series Part II you’ll also get an art book with all of the original prints and never before seen “making of”, giving you some insight into just what it takes to create something with Ninjabot style.

Ninjabot is almost half way to their goal with a whopping 29 days left, so I have no worries that they’ll make it again this time, but don’t be afraid to pledge because as always, their stretch goals include even more desirable and mysterious prints. Head over to the main page and read all of the details for yourself here!¬†Also you get a thank you in the b00k. Who doesn’t like being thanked?

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