P.T. and Silent Hill. Theories, Connections, and Speculation.

August 18, 2014
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P.T. and Silent Hill. Theories, Connections, and Speculation.

P.T. and Silent Hill. Theories, Connections, and Speculation.

P.T. and Silent Hill speculations

While playing through P.T. and attempting to not to lose my man card by screaming, closing my eyes, and hiding behind the safety of my controller, I started to see some connections between P.T. and Silent Hill in Hideo Kojima‘s now infamous playable teaser for the upcoming Silent Hills. While some are more obvious than others, Peter Tieryas over at Kotaku has some great speculation into the connections between P.T. and Silent Hill in his post, 7 Silent Hill Connections in P.T.

Peter has a ton of great speculations into connections between P.T. and Silent Hill, while I agree with some, most are reaching but are still really interesting. With the next Silent Hill, Silent Hills coming from Hideo Kojima, reaching may not be too far off, the man loves diving deep into the lore of stories and pulling out most of its weird and strange content.

Let me start this out by saying this, I can see how P.T. was supposed to “feel” like a Silent Hill game, while playing through the loops you begin to see it diving into the darker dimension with a bloody fridge, red lights, and rad hallways, a telltale sign of the Silent Hill franchise when you hear the ominous siren whale. But I don’t see it having to do anything with the previous Silent Hill games stories, that is except for The Order. The three circles at appear at every save point is clearly the symbol for The Order and I have no doubt they’ll have something to do with the upcoming Silent Hills.

P.T. and silent hill,silent hills,hideo kojima,nerd farmI don’t believe Lisa from Silent Hill has anything to do with Lisa in P.T., but that distorted Eraserhead baby sure is similar to Silent Hill 3‘s “god” fetus which brings me back to the obvious involvement of The Order that I spoke of above. While Peter talked about Ghosts and radio crackle, they are more of a Silent Hill staple, no so much an actual connection that binds the two together. I actually preferred Peter’s comment on the picture of Lisa being very “Twin Peaks” like, good call Peter.

I love what P.T. did, an intelligent first of its kind playable teaser to an unknown game that made everyone band together, scream together, and like me, cheat and search the internet together to find out just what the hell was going on. My theories on how P.T. and Silent Hill connect aren’t that reaching, I look at it more as a new book in the Silent Hill franchise and less a chapter. Norman Reedus character no doubt has demons and I believe that he is in fact the murderer of his wife who may have been believed to have aborted the demon baby, something that the cult The Order had their dirty little fingers in. That’s my only real speculation into the beginning story of Silent Hills.

The speculation P.T. has drawn out of the woodwork is simply brilliant marketing, forcing those that care about the series to look at every detail and every sound, hoping they can catch just a glimpse of what Silent Hills will be like. Will it all be first person? Will it even be similar to P.T.? Is it directly tied to the Silent Hill franchise? Will it actually make me shit my pants? I just hope it doesn’t have more nonsense puzzle like the final conclusion. 10 steps forward followed by 10 steps backward and then standing still without any rhyme or reason is nonsense, give me actual clues you batty kooks.

See you all when we get more details on Silent Hills, be sure to pack extra panties.

7 Silent Hill Connections in P.T. by Peter Tieryas [Source: Kotaku]


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