PAX 2013 Day 1 Podcast!

August 31, 2013
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PAX 2013 Day 1 Podcast!

PAX 2013 Day 1 Podcast!

PAX 2013 Day 1 Podcast!

The first day of PAX Prime was busy as ever, but we managed to see a bunch of great stuff outside our appointed schedule. We kicked off the morning with some Titanfall, wet our whistles with some goodies from Bethesda, then got a whole gobbly mouthful from 2K. And we still somehow managed to schedule even more for the weekend, you guys are in for a treat. Commence the PAX 2013 Day 1 Podcast!

Because telling you all of this just isn’t enough, we decided to podcast our thoughts from Day 1, what we saw, what we played, and what we conquered. Enjoy.

Our PAX 13 Day 1 gallery.

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