PAX Prime 2014 Fresh Indies. Titan Souls

September 6, 2014
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PAX Prime 2014 Fresh Indies. Titan Souls

PAX Prime 2014 Fresh Indies. Titan Souls

Titan Souls preview

No indie game at PAX Prime 2014 created such a buzz around the expo halls as Acidnerves, Titan Souls (fyi I asked the team about their name and they’re still undecided or unsure if Acidnerve is one or two words).

In Titan Souls you play as an unknown “hero” with one arrow as your only weapon and your only form of attack. With this less than ideal arsenal at your disposal your tasked with defeating 20 Titans. This is no easy task and near impossible as each Titan is different than the next. Similar to Zelda bosses of old you must learn the Titans weaknesses and possible patterns of attack.

Titan Souls is a giant boss battle simulator in its purest form. It’s literally what the game is, door after door leads you to another Titan and inevitable death. Nic and myself were unable to beat any of the four shown to us during PAX, as a hydra like bubble boss and a brain in an giant ice cube proved to strong for us…in the short amount of time we had that is.

titan souls,devolver digital,nerd farmWhile Titan Souls may seem lacking in story because of its simplistic concept, the developers assure us that the story of who the “hero” is and his relationship with the Titans will be explained as you progress in the game.

The most remarkable thing about Titan Souls besides its brilliant and simple concept is the fact that it’s being created by only three people. THREE! I would have never guessed a game as crisp and clean both artistically and mechanically could be created by just an artist, musician, and programmer. Quite remarkable.

Titan Souls will be available early 2015 on Steam, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita.

Want to hear more about Titan Souls and other games we saw at PAX? Listen to our day 2 PAX Prime 2014 podcast.

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