Payday 2 Review

August 23, 2013
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Payday 2 Review

Payday 2 Review

Payday 2 reviewCollector's Edition


Even though Payday 2 came out a little later than it should have for whatever reasons, it’s still worth checking out, and here’s my Payday 2 review. If you were a fan of the first one then you are definently going to love this one. For those new to the series don’t worry, you don’t need to go back and play the first one to catch up on the story because there was none.

This time around however you kind of have a story, basically you’re still a gang of criminals pulling jobs but now you have a safe house to stash your loot, customize your masks, practice breaking and entering different kinds of doors or vaults, etc. In this criminal clubhouse of yours, you have access to a laptop with Crimenet on it which is used as your main means of finding odd jobs and heists to pull. The jobs vary like the first game so you’re not just robbing banks, for example you can smash things up in a mall to scare the store owners into paying protection money.

I will however say don’t get suckered into buying the Collector’s Edition of the game like I did. For $20 more than the regular edition you get a vinyl mask like the one worn by the main character Dallas (cheaply made vinyl), blue surgical gloves (for giving prostate exams), $100 bill wallet made out of tyvek (the same stuff as paper DVD sleeves), and a CD sountrack (that might actually be cool). That’s it, no extra DLC, just a bunch of janky swag!

Payday 2 is still as fun as the first one and you have the option of completing missions online with real people or offline with AI teammates. I do not recommend the later, they are not helpful in a firefight, they just look downright confused as they run around the map aimlessly. Please watch the video to see what I mean and spoiler alert – I die at the end!


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