PlayStation 2013 Meeting. PS4 is Real.

February 21, 2013
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PlayStation 2013 Meeting. PS4 is Real.

PlayStation 2013 Meeting. PS4 is Real.

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The two hour celebration of everything PlayStation yesterday was informative and exciting, but also filled with quite a bit of fluff. To slash through all the hype, I’ve scoured the internet and gathered up all the info I feel was best suited to actually share with the general public. After the Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco, it seems preview reporting needs to be taken a little more seriously.

Yes, the PlayStation 4 was announced! A lot was obviously said, but here’s the short and sweet version.

  • 8GB of memory, local hard drive, an x86 CPU, and some chip that lets you play games while downloading.

That was painless enough.

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The newest DualShock 4 was confirmed and shown.

  • The controller has a touch screen, move capabilities, and an added “Share” button you see on the top left there. It’s also been confirmed that the DualShock 4 will ship with a headset, welcome to the 21st century Sony. Much more info on the DualShock 4 can be found on Playstation.Blog.

Social integration was a point Sony was trying to shove down our throats the entire conference. Don’t care about Facebook social crap, but the “Share” button also lets you take screenshots, record, and livestream your PS4 gameplay, which is an extremely cool and very wise decision by Sony.

There were plenty of games shown, the PS4 launch exclusive Knack, the next Guerilla Games Killzone: Shadow Fall, another Infamous, The Witness, a Myst like 25 hour connect the dots puzzle game, a detailed racer from Evolution Studios called Driveclub, and Square Enix showed their lazy side by re-showing their “Luminous Engine” from E3 2012.

While all of these titles looked great, none of them screamed “next gen.” That was until Quantic Dream showed off some impressive old man emotions, and Capcom came out swinging with the best trailer of the night for Deep Down (working title).

Deep Down is an original medieval RPG IP from Capcom, using their new “Panta Rhei” engine. It’s unknown if what you see is actual “in game”, but the small icons would suggest it is. If this is the case, it makes it the most impressive game of the show.

Not to be outdone by Capcom, Ubisoft confirmed that Watch Dogs is in fact coming to the PS4. The game doesn’t look “next gen”, it just looks incredibly cool. I don’t quite understand the anti-hero though. Here, let me get your purse back ma’am, oh hey coppers, eat this traffic pole thing.

Then Blizzard confirmed Diablo III was coming to the PS4, and Bungie pledged their allegiance to the Sony gods.

The PlayStation 4 will not be backwards compatible (no surprise there), the inability to play used games was squashed, and your PSN purchases will not be accessible one day one. That’s where Gaikai’s cloud gaming comes into play.

The PlayStation 4 was given a release window for the “Holiday Season 2013”, and is waiting to announce it’s price point. In an interview with IGN today Sony discussed it’s decision to use an AMD processor, giving them the ability to release the PS4 at an “affordable” price. I’m going to assume the actual PS4 console will be shown at E3 2013, and that Sony will wait for Microsoft to make the first move on pricing it’s next gen console.

Farm on.

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