Pokemon Gates to Infinity!

April 8, 2013
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Pokemon Gates to Infinity!

Pokemon Gates to Infinity!

mysterpokeLast time we spoke, we were talking about the very meta Pokemon Rumble Blast. This week, in another version of the Pokemon Universe, we have BECOME a Pokemon, in the latest installment of the Mystery Dungeon series.

As the game opens, we find ourselves flying through the sky, on a downward path towards the Earth. After we gain consciousness, we find things are not what they seem. We’ve become a Pokemon! You can pick one of 5 Pokemon at the start of the game: Pikachu, Axew, Snivy, Tepig, or Oshewott. Each character has a slightly different stat set than the last, so it’s up to you to decide which you want to play with. After you pick a Pokemon to play, you then are allowed to choose your sidekick, which can be 1 of the 4 remaining Pokemon from the character selection screen.

quagpokeThe game is not super intensive as far as play mechanics go. Combat is completed through turn based action, on a “tactics” style board style. One of the main features I like, is the dungeons in the game are all randomly spawned. So random in fact, that if you save the game, and quit out, your dungeon will respawn differently when you next load the game.

Another cool feature of the game, is the Magma Gate mode. With this feature, you are able to use some of the 3DS’s augmented reality features to view circular objects with the 3DS camera, which unlocks a random dungeon to explore through the game. I recently unlocked one such dungeon inside of a coworker’s coffee cup!

timburrpokeThe story line follows the player trying to prevent a large scale catastrophe from happening in the Pokemon world, while building a strong bond with your sidekick and bettering the lives of those around you. From building your house, to helping reform a Gurdurr who lost his way, there is a more than enough adventures to keep you glued to the 3DS for an extended amount of time. And if you run out of things to do, you can always download additional dungeons from the Nintendo Marketplace. Each extra dungeon retails for around $2.50, so it’s not that bad if you are in the mood for DLC.

If you’re not convinced yet, that’s fine! I know most Pokemon fans are used to the standard affair, however there is a demo of the game available through the 3DS marketplace, and should you decide to pick up the game, the demo saves your progress and will transfer it directly to the new game save if you go and pick it up! So if you’ve got a 3DS, you really don’t want to miss out on more adventures with your favorite Pokemon!

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