Let’s Get Ready to Pokemon Rumble U!

October 1, 2013
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Let’s Get Ready to Pokemon Rumble U!

Let’s Get Ready to Pokemon Rumble U!

Pokemon Rumble U review

One thing I was really excited for right around PAX time, was the fact that Pokemon Rumble U was finally being released. Ultimately, this meant that the figures were not far behind, and let me tell you I am not disappointed. While you could probably take up an argument against me, saying “But you didn’t like the combat in Deadpool for being repetitive, why do you like Pokemon Rumble U?!” I would be inclined to argue that we have essentially been playing the same Pokemon game for years now, with visual upgrades, so I didn’t expect much to change when it comes to Pokemon Rumble U.

characterselect,pokemon rumble u,pokemon,nerd farm blogSince they are brand new and pretty much the sell point on this game, let’s talk figures! 18 total figures available in what I’m calling now as the ‘First Wave’, all lovingly crafted to look exactly like the toys from the game. From Deoxis to Pikachu to the Gamestop exclusive Black/White Kyurem there is a lot to love here. I don’t particularly care for Nintendo / Gamefreak‘s idea to sell them blind packaged, as I have an extra Mew, Prinlup, Kyurem and Lucario, I do love that distribution seems to be pretty even. I’m not overwhelmed by one single figure. Additionally, much like Skylanders, Pokemon Rumble U allows you to upgrade your figure by raising its power level, moves and nature using the in game currency.

rumblefight,pokemon rumble u,pokemon,nerd farm blogGameplay is pretty standard, but now levels include objectives such as VIP missions as well as what could be almost considered ‘Tower Defense‘ levels. Each level comes with tons of goals, and upon completion, you receive an additional in game figure to add to your collection. At this time, all 649 current Pokemon are available in game, however it has yet to be announced if Pokemon Rumble U will see a content update with the imminent release of Pokemon X/Y.

Make sure you stay tuned though, because if it’s Pokemon related, you can bet I’ll be covering it!

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  1. Pamela Choco

    While I don’t personally play video games (apparently I lack the eye-hand coordination of my handsome and gifted son), I did enjoy this blog. Wanted to take a moment to say “thank you”. Farm on!

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