Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS (Get it?)

January 9, 2013
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Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS (Get it?)

Pokemon X and Y for the 3DS (Get it?)



Well the end of days must be upon us now. Nintendo finally decided to do a full 3D Pokemon game. Which is one of a couple firsts for the series. The second first is they are releasing the game world wide, simultaneously. The games will be released this October (hopefully).

So far from the preview/teaser it looks awesome. I just wish we would be seeing a console release, or something on a much larger scale. Potentially, this will tie in with a Wii U title, and then I guess I’ll be picking up one of those as well.

Expect to see another 150 pokemon, possibly more, and catch a preview of the 2 new legendary pokemon, which will most likely be released 1 per game, just like Black and White.

Just remember to watch the tall grass around the Farm

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