Pokemon X and Y: The Next Evolution

November 13, 2013
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Pokemon X and Y: The Next Evolution

Pokemon X and Y: The Next Evolution

Pokemon X and Y review

I’ve been mighty quiet lately, mostly due to the fact that I’ve been breeding and training  for this Pokemon X and Y review with the newest generation of Pokemon. Generation 6 that is, with a huge total inventory of monsters now all the way up to 780 known species! The other big, new feature is that the game is done entirely with 3d models. A first in Pokemon, even Black and White were done mostly in sprites.

amiexy,pokemon x and y review,pokemon x and ySince most Pokemon games are the same barring a few different features, I wanted to talk specifically about those new features. Graphically speaking, this is probably the best Pokemon game ever. All of your favorite pocket monsters, lovingly rendered in full 3d, you can virtually reach out and touch them. And I mean that literally! With the new Pokemon Amie, you can actually interact with your Pokemon on a whole new level. From making silly faces, to talking to them, to petting, feeding and playing games, your favorites are now virtual pets. But don’t worry, if you don’t pick up your DS for a few days, they won’t die or love you any less.

fairytype,pokemon x and y review,pokemon x and yGamefreak also included a whole brand new typing for current Pokemon, introduced with Sylveon, pictured above. This new Fairy type is known as the dragon slayer, for some reason unbeknownst to me. Fairies are also weak to Steel type which is nice, and add a small amount of versatility to the game as far as options. Personally, I think this type was created just to lump all the pink Pokemon together who weren’t really Psychic types, or just too cute to be other types.

startersxy,pokemon x and y review,pokemon x and yThe new starters all have double weakness / strength to each other, and to my knowledge this hasn’t been done before. The game starts you with your choice of either Grass/Fighting, Fire/Psychic or Water/Dark. I also thought it was really cool that each starter ends their final evolution as one of the 3 basic D&D archetypes: Fighter, Mage and Rogue. And really, with Pokemon, it’s the little things that count!

Minor improvements have been made to the trading system, and they have instituted another form of gambling within Pokemon. This time, you have the “Wonder Trade”. Mostly a giant collection of garbage Pokemon, you simply place which ever member of your collection you no longer wish to keep into the system and receive a random Pokemon in exchange.

Another UI addition, is the ability to EV train your team passively, which before, was done through massive amounts of breeding, and extremely too involved for a filthy casual like myself. But fret not, friends! You too, can now own a perfectly bred Charmander with little to no actual effort. Throw in the fact you can actually boost your abilities with the new “O-Powers” that are sharable with your friends, and you are virtually unstoppable.

In closing, we are seeing a huge shift in how Pokemon will be delivered to us in future generations, and the future looks bright!

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