September 20, 2012
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chew,secret agent poyo,image comics,nerd farm blogChew: Secret Agent Poyo #1

We have the technology, we can rebuild him. The purest manifestation of rage and terror and hate the world has ever known and the most badass cock to ever rape and pillage his way out of hell, POYO!!! has arrived.

Six point two trillion dollars was spent to rebuild and revive him, now his mission is to stop the Dr. Regenbogen from making it rain literally cats and dogs, or more farm animals really, all across England. Why would the U.S.D.A put Secret Agent Poyo on the case? Because it makes a great story that’s why, maybe Regenbogen was threatening the whole world next, get off my case! Poyo has a present for Regenbogen, it’s called a Mach 5 jet powered drop from five miles above Earth to obliterate his face.

chew,secret agent poyo,image comics,nerd farm blog

Chew: Secret Agent Poyo #1 is on it’s second print, unsure if there’s going to be another one, but I snagged the last copy at Cosmic Comics! Las Vegas, so it sucks to be you if you haven’t picked up this piece of rooster history.


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