I Want A PS4 For Christmas!

June 11, 2013
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I Want A PS4 For Christmas!

I Want A PS4 For Christmas!

Put A PS4 In My Stocking

Now that Sony’s press conference is over, how many of you will be buying a PS4 before you buy an Xbox One?

sony-unveils-the-playstation-4-1I know for sure I am strongly leaning towards buying a PlayStation 4 because of their press conference. Having compared it to the Microsoft Xbox press conference, I feel like Sony has a lot more to offer as far as games go, plus it felt like it was more geared towards gamers.

Now of course a lot of the games they showed are intellectual properties that will probably end up on Microsoft’s Xbox One also, but Sony intelligently paid the big bucks to get those little exclusive extras, be it some skins or some extra maps or whatever that are only available for their version of the game.

Now in the past I have always chose to buy an Xbox 360 game over a PlayStation 3 because of the graphics, and theirs was better for online multiplayer use, but having seen the video footage between the two systems now, I now feel like they are equally matched and I think Sony is making a big push this year to improve their overall online multiplayer network.

sony-unveils-the-playstation-4-3Now most people say they save the best for last, but in Sony’s case I really feel they didn’t because Bungie’s new intellectual property Destiny doesn’t look like a game I really care to play, having already been bored of the numerous Halo games they’ve pumped out year after year.

Sony didn’t really show many motion capabilities of the new PlayStation 4 so I am curious as to how that technology has improved over the original Move Peripheral

But the big news of the night was of course Sony’s huge unveiling of the fact that you will be able to play used PS4 games with no DRM and no online verification what-so-ever, if you buy the game, you own the game and are free to do with it what you will. This will probably be a huge deciding factor for most people when choosing consoles this year seeing as Microsoft has not said a word about their stance on the matter but if it is the case that they are lockdown for their games Sony is definitely the better investment.

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  1. mrdingy

    I’ve already pre-ordered my PS4 as well as Destiny. I’m definitely planning on picking up other titles at launch likely Watch Dogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and AC4. I’m on the fence on Knack I’ll need to see some more footage before I commit to that.

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