VGX 2013, What really mattered.

December 8, 2013
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VGX 2013, What really mattered.

VGX 2013, What really mattered.

What really mattered from VGX 2013.

VGX 2013 (or Spike’s VGA’s, I don’t really know where the “X” came from, or what it even means) is an awards show who’s awards really don’t matter (only our awards matter, right?), it’s more of a fan service, rewarding games with the largest fanbase. What we do take from VGX 2013 though, are those juicy announcements and trailers, the show stoppers. Together, let’s completely disregard the actual awards and look at what really mattered.

Destiny obviously looked great, but they just brought a short featurette of sorts, nothing to spectacular, and Titanfall followed suit showing off two new Titans, which was surprising to me because until now, I had no idea there was going to be different Titans to choose from.

The Division, man did they ever make a showing at VGX 2013, showing off their Snowdrop engine, I couldn’t help but get excited for whats to come this generation.

Out of left field came the sci-fi adventure game, No Man’s Sky from the four man development team, Hellogames. A procedural title, meaning forever changing, making your game different from anyone else. A bold idea, one I doubt we’ll see in the next two years.

If you were going to crown a definitive winner, it would have to go to Telltale Games, announcing not one, but two exciting new seasons. Tales from the Borderlands, a game about wannabe vault hunters, and then confirming the rumors of a Game of Thrones tie in.

The loser? Nintendo…Donkey Kong!?! DONKEY KONG!?! This is VGX 2013! You think this is a game?


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