Remember Me Review. Easily Forgotten

July 12, 2013
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Remember Me Review. Easily Forgotten

Remember Me Review. Easily Forgotten

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If you remember our podcasts, all three of you that listen, you might recall me talking about Remember Me at some point, because having seen the initial trailers, I was really excited. I love when a new franchise emerges from the shadows of known giants like Call of Duty or Resident Evil. It means something new, something fresh is on its way, and we as the gaming community, should take note of this and give it a chance. From what I saw in the initial trailers, I thought Remember Me was going to rise to the occasion and give us all something enjoyable, that could lead into a multitude of sequels or at least branches of the storyline. After having played it, I can say with confidence that this probably isn’t THAT game.

RMwideYou take on the role of one of the world’s greatest memory hunters, Nilin, in her battle to take down the corporate rulers, Memorize. The reason being that Memorize have gained a monopoly over society due to basically what amounts to being able to upload your memories to a cloud drive, and share these memories with everyone. But because this sharing process requires a chip installed into your brain, of course we somehow get mutants as a side effect.

To elaborate a little bit more on Nilin, she is what they call in game, an Errorist. Her special ability is being able to “remix” the memories of others, changing their outlook on things. While this concept is cool, Capcom kind of just turned the whole thing into a brawler, with the actual mechanics of the game throw in as an after thought.


Yeah Kid X-mas totally isn’t a parody of Mike Tyson

Combat in the Remember Me desperately tries to become Arkham Asylum / City, grasping at free flow combat, and even having enemies display small warnings that they are coming for you, allowing you to dodge slightly to the left, right or just simply jump over their heads. And while Nilin could simply alter any foes memories and have them in turn become her greatest ally, she prefers to simply beat them to a pulp, then forcibly overload their Memorize chip, disabling or possibly killing them. Overall, I kind of felt that the combat was clunky, and the induction of their “combo” system which allows precise button entry to be rewarded with a “finisher” of sorts really just made combat worse overall. Performing a combo in Remember Me grants the player an additional bonus based on the last button pressed. These aptly named “Pressens” can grant extra damage, bonus healing, or ability power for Nilin’s power up moves.

While Remember Me isn’t all bad, I really felt like the game didn’t live up to its full potential. I think the game would have been much more entertaining as a stealth game, that only forced you into combat if you were just bad at sneaking around, but that’s me. If you are a Capcom fan, or simply love entering combos while you fight, Remember Me will probably be one of your new favorites. For everyone else, try renting it first.

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  1. mrdingy

    I wish you had mentioned how good the story is. While I do agree with you on some points (stealth heavy game excluded) I found Remember Me to be one of my favorite games of the year because of the story.

    1. Burke

      I spoke with Nic about the review, I agreed with most of his dislikes with the game. I agree with you also, the story was great, but I really enjoyed the things in the background more. The scenery and landscapes were beautiful and the music was spot on sci-fi soundtracks.

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