Retro City Rampage Releases Next Week

October 5, 2012
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Retro City Rampage Releases Next Week

Retro City Rampage Releases Next Week

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The open world, action parody everyone has been waiting will officially release next week. According to Joystiq, Retro City Ransom will hit your consoles and PC’s October 9th for $15!

retro city rampage,release date,screenshot,nerd farm blog

It seems like I’ve been waiting years for VBlank’s 8-bit homage to open world crime games. Retro City Rampage will be available on XBLA, PS3, and PC. RCR on PlayStation will support Cross-Buy, so once you buy it on PS3 you can play it on the Vita and wont have to buy it again. It’ll be available on many different PC platforms, but also straight from VBlank’s website.


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