Ron Gilbert’s The Cave Playable At PAX

September 1, 2012
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Ron Gilbert’s The Cave Playable At PAX

Ron Gilbert’s The Cave Playable At PAX

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This years PAX has been an incredible one, besides seeing and playing a lot of games I didn’t think I would have the opportunity to, I had the esteemed pleasure of talking to a legend in the gaming industry, Ron Gilbert. Because I was completely caught off guard by not only meeting Gilbert, but actually getting to talk to him about his newest game, The Cave, I didn’t get out the camcorder or voice recorder, so most of our interview is scribbled on a notepad and written from memory. For those not in the know, Ron Gilbert is responsible for Maniac Mansion, the first two Monkey Islands (which I’m terrible at) and Death Spank I/II, so saying his games are an unique and funny experience is an understatement.

The Cave is something Ron Gilbert has “wanted to do since Maniac Mansion.” After throwing his ideas out to Tim Schafer, the response was very positive and the creation with Double Fine was born. “The development is going well,” says Gilbert, “and should be available around Q1 of 2013.” “Each character has their own part in the cave,” Gilbert said, “there’s a circus somewhere in the level that seems out of place if you don’t have the Hillbilly in your group, but with him, the section makes total sense.” We also talked about length of the game and Gilbert noted how he doesn’t like to put a time expected to play because everyone’s play styles are different, making length of a game difficult to dictate. The whole interview was great and I was so grateful Ron Gilbert took the time out of his day to do an interview with a small gaming blog. A fine fellow indeed.

The Cave is a new arcade title from Sega and Double Fine where you choose between seven characters, all dramatically different both physically and, well, mentally. From the seven characters you get to use three for your adventure into the Cave. The game isn’t so much about the characters you choose, but more about the Cave that gladly narrates for you as you traverse it’s damp secrets…that’s not an innuendo for anything, even though it sounds really dirty. All three characters are needed for most of the Caves puzzles, which we quickly found out in it’s playable demo.

The demo that Sega brought to PAX was the very beginning of The Cave, your chance to choose your three adventurers and try their hand at the first puzzles of the Cave. I of course chose the Knight who looked cool, ran funny, and had a great clanking sound when he ran. From one of the developers of The Cave we found out the Knight’s clanking armor was from a person actually wearing a suit of armor and walking in it, a suit of armor that he apparently had in the trunk of his car. Only at Double Fine would someone have armor in their trunk. Next I grabbed the Adventurer, a female version of Indiana Jones, and the creepy looking Children of the Corn twins because, why not? We grabbed a crowbar, pulled off the pesky “Keep Out” boards and entered the dangerous first part of the cave. Without spoiling too much of the demo for you, we had to use a bucket to keep water off of a fuse so we could grab it without being electrocuted, use the fuse to power up a hot dog vending machine, use the hotdog as a decoy for a dog looking rock monster, snatch it up with a giant claw from those prize machines, and jump down into the end of the demo. It was completed in about 20 minutes, only because I needed hints on how to grab the fuse, I’m usually pretty good at puzzle games. The puzzle wasn’t at all too complex and I could already see the great potential of The Cave.

It’s becoming expected that Double Fine just makes fantastic games, and The Cave isn’t going to be an exception. When I pick up a game and instantly smile, I know it’s going to be a winner. Double Fine does this all the time, and Ron Gilbert isn’t changing that recipe with The Cave.


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