Sights From Day 2 Of PAX Prime 2012.

September 2, 2012
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Sights From Day 2 Of PAX Prime 2012.

Sights From Day 2 Of PAX Prime 2012.

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Day 2 of PAX was busier and even better than day 1. Besides all of the incredible interviews we were a part of, the experiences that we all had were very memorable. While I was scrambling to make appointments for some of this years biggest games, like Dishonored, Doom 3 BFG Edition, The Cave, Far Cry 3, and ZombiU, Nic was out trying to “Be the best!” at the many Pokemon tournaments taking place. Julie was out and about checking out and mingling with all the developers about everything indie. The day went very fast and when it was over we weren’t left in the dust, but the lack of after parties did leave us in our hotel room podcasting with bottles of booze in hands. We make our own parties…

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Far Cry 3 was a surprise hit for me. After playing Far Cry 2, it wasn’t worth the price I paid for it, which was free. The weapon mechanics and navigation are greatly improved, and you don’t have Malaria anymore either. The December 2012 release date is still expected to be met, and the game demo I played reflected that it’s quite ready.

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ZombiU was…not a fun game. I didn’t like it at all. Besides the clunkyness of the WiiU controller, that feels like you’re constantly trying to curl 1 1/2 lbs., ZombiU has geriatric like controls that are unresponsive even with auto-aim. The concept is neat though, the map is on your WiiU remote, chests you check for loot appear on the remote, and when you die your old character becomes a zombie that you will then have to kill. But alas, there is no quick weapon swap, you must choose which weapon you want with the remote, and use the remote to “find clues”. During combat with four zombies proved disastrous when I ran out of ammo and couldn’t switch to my melee weapon fast enough.

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The League of Legends Regionals were taking place at this years PAX, and as you can see, they were extremely popular with standing room only to spectate the mayhem that was taking place on everyone of the gigantic screens.

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We hung out at the Double Fine booth and caught a game of Johann Sebastion Joust right before our Kinect Party interview. Tim Schafer even dropped by to crash the party and sign a few things for the fans. By far one of the funnest moments at this years PAX Prime.

pyro,pax prime,cosplay

PAX Prime day 2 wouldn’t be complete without all of the cosplay we saw, we actually stopped playing games and just went around taking pictures of all the great cosplay. Here’s the pyro, maskless, but not without her awesome pink unicorn guiding her conscience.

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There were plenty of insane Metal Gear Solid cosplay to be seen. Here the crew from MGS4 formulate a game plan, Ocelot is around here somewhere.

Sunday is sure to be one of the slower days, but after seeing so much on Friday and Saturday, I’m sure we’ll get to check out all of the games we hadn’t even thought twice about. Smaller arcade titles, we’ll soon be in you.

Our complete PAX Prime 2012 gallery can be found here!


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