The Silver Surfer #1

March 31, 2014
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The Silver Surfer #1

The Silver Surfer #1

Silver Surfer #1

I know, I know, this review is coming almost a week late for one of the more anticipated books of 2014. Sure I said the same thing about Moon Knight #1 and was dissapointed, but I believe Dan Slott can bring me something different for the newest Silver Surfer #1.

Yes, Silver Surfer #1 by Dan Slott is better than Warren EllisMoon Knight #1, at least in my opinion anyway. My bases, doesn’t matter, I don’t even know how I just compared the two books. One’s a dark chilling murder detective type crime drama while the others this mind fucking, universe saving, time traveling type tale. I’m not even really sure what I just read in Silver Surfer #1, but I know I liked it. And I also remain completely skeptical of the two mouthed, three eyed hooded character from the Impericon planet. That dudes definitely up to no good.

silver surfer #1,dan slott,mike allred,nerd farm blogDan Slott answers the hype of Silver Surfer #1, the book is just, out of this world. Amiright? I’ll see myself out…

Ha, yeah, I’m really not done with the review yet because, how can you not love Michael Allred‘s art? It’s so good in Silver Surfer #1 that it actually made me angry I’m not reading FF anymore. How the hell can I not read a book that’s from both Matt Fraction and Michael Allread? God I’m a dick.

silver surfer #1,francesco francavilla,nerd farm blogThen not only is the book quite entertaining, Francesco Francavilla goes and makes this variant like no variant I’ve ever seen. My mind is just blown away at the simplicity and power of this variant. Just awe inspiring.

Well, enough already, I hope this was enough to talk you into actually reading Silver Surfer #1. It’s good, don’t be a dick, read it, and then do yourself a favor and read FF while you’re at it too.

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