Snake! Not MGS5, It’s RE6.

July 17, 2012
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Snake! Not MGS5, It’s RE6.

Snake! Not MGS5, It’s RE6.

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Capcom has released it’s latest trailer for Resident Evil 6 from the latest San Diego Comic-Con. You get to see Leon Kennedy and his nerdy head lamp, a few more of the mechanical looking zombie creatures, and of course, A HUGE BLEEPIN SNAKE (classic Resident Evil fans are all too familiar with giant snakes)! That was censored for all of our younger readers who shouldn’t even be reading about RE6 because it’s rated Mature, shame on your parents for letting you buy such filth. **OOO sarcasm**

Resident Evil 6 is my most anticipated Resident Evil since RE2, return of well established characters, worldwide settings, introduction of new zombies, and four person co-op makes this a Resident Evil of promise.


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