Sony Closes Developer Responsible For WipeOut.

August 22, 2012
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Sony Closes Developer Responsible For WipeOut.

Sony Closes Developer Responsible For WipeOut.

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I tend to stray away from posting about the rampant closure of developers these days, from the 38 Studios debacle, to the recent PopCap layoffs, the gaming industry is becoming a Las Vegas game of roulette. The saddening closure announced today, is Sony shutting the doors of Sony Liverpool, previously known as Psygnosis, the developer responsible for creating WipeOut. Besides creating one of the most fun and unique racers of all time, Sony Liverpool has been developing games for over thirty years. THIRTY YEARS! For that, I salute them and give them a moment of silence in tribute.

Sony essentially told Kotaku in a statement that they wanted what was best for the customers, and have moved projects to other European studios, yada, yada, yada…


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