Super Mario 3d World. Keep your enemies close and your frienemies closer.

December 27, 2013
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Super Mario 3d World. Keep your enemies close and your frienemies closer.

Super Mario 3d World. Keep your enemies close and your frienemies closer.

Super Mario 3D World Review

We live in a world of throw backs, and no one does nostalgia better than our friends at Nintendo. In my opinion, this latest Mario, Super Mario 3D World may be the greatest. Nintendo has managed to throw Mario into a whole new perspective and I love it. The one downside I have to say about this game though is this: DO NOT TRY TO TAKE ANY LEVEL SERIOUSLY! You will lose friends and family members if you are super competitive about gaming, because like it or not the “Frienemy” co-op is back with a vengeance!

4 player,super mario 3d world,nintendo,nerd farm blogI love that Super Mario 3D World runs levels akin to the old Mario games with a 2d perspective, but allows you to traverse on the z-axis in and out of levels. You can also change from 2d presentation to a 3/4 turn which helps immensely when it comes to jumping on boxes or stomping out some good old fashioned goombas.

tanooki suit,super mario 3d world,nintendo,nerd farm blogGoombas and Koopas make appearances along with special upgrades they have received as well. As the cat suit or Kitsune costume (as it is called) is the newest weapon in Mario’s dress up arsenal, some of the goombas are also 4 legged felines who grant access to the costume. This newest costume allows Mario and company to melee attack enemies in front of them as well as a flying swipe attack, but more importantly, you can now climb up walls and gain access to places you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. Returning costumes also include the Tanooki as well as the Hammer Bro suit, along with power-ups Fireflower, Invincibility Star and the iconic Mushroom. I was disappointed that the gold cape didn’t come back and that you can’t fly but I think when you have access to a z-axis, maybe flying wouldn’t be the best idea.

The whole premise of Super Mario 3D World revolves around entering another dimension with your pals, and helping out some fairy princesses who’ve been kidnapped by your old nemesis Bowser. I’m not really sure what he intended to do by kidnapping them , but I’m sure it’s not good.

The over world map is reminiscent of both Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World, with a few surprises thrown in, and as always, 8 worlds are available, each with its own distinct flavor, so for all Mario fans, if you’re on the fence about buying this game, I leave you with this:

My body is ready,super mario 3d world,nintendo,nerd farm blog

My body is ready

Farm on!

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