Surviving “Until Dawn”

December 12, 2014
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Surviving “Until Dawn”

Surviving “Until Dawn”

Until Dawn preview

The PlayStation Experience here in Las Vegas boasted plenty of fan service, most of which was getting your hands on early, early demos and alpha builds of many upcoming AAA titles, none though got me as excited as Supermassive Games upcoming thriller, Until Dawn.

I’ll be quite honest, I dismissed Until Dawn while I was at PAX Prime as a QTE jump scare-fest, because of this I didn’t even attempt to play it. Had it not been for the impressive showing at the PlayStation Experience keynote, I probably wouldn’t have tried it here either. It’s because of the keynote that I ended up playing Until Dawn not once but twice, and then continued to watch others to see just what made this title so special. Here’s a juicy video preview of Until Dawn from Supermassive Games.

Until Dawn is a slasher flick come to life…well, in video game form, whatever, get your mind in the set that it’s an interactive cult horror flick. One that acts on your worst fears and then forces you to face them, or run away and hide, because it’s your choice. See what I did there?

With eight characters, thousands of outcomes, and perma-death, Until Dawn is looking to be the dark horse survival horror game that should shatter peoples expectations.

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