The Nintendo Lock for the NES.

April 4, 2013
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The Nintendo Lock for the NES.

The Nintendo Lock for the NES.

Did you know Master Lock made a self setting combo lock for the Nintendo Entertainment System? A sneaky little device that locked the open port of the console so no games could be entered into it’s sweet, sweet enjoyment slot.

It was called Homework First and it was “The first security system for your Nintendo”.

nes lock,homework first,master lock,nerd farm blogI got my hands on this little gem back in ’99 or 2000 when I was managing Gamers Edge, an independent small business that flourished until Best Buy moved in down the street. But that’s another story for another time. It was brought to me by a very nice woman who was liquidating her husbands old games, one thing that cant happen to me, thanks to the fine print in my prenuptial agreement.

nes lock,master lock,nerd farm blog

“Great motivator for home-work, chores, grounding, etc.”

Could you imagine the power your parents could have possessed with this bad boy? Actually having control of your gaming schedule, talk about a living nightmare. The kid in me is screaming, but the adult I’ve become thinks it’s brilliant. The parental controls may have changed throughout time, but their just as effective as this medieval device.

I’ve never opened it, I have no idea what it’s value is, all I know, it’s a little piece of gaming history I’m glad I own.

Farm On.

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