The Walking Dead Vol. 16. Jesus and the Hilltop.

June 12, 2012
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The Walking Dead Vol. 16. Jesus and the Hilltop.

The Walking Dead Vol. 16. Jesus and the Hilltop.

The Walking Dead Vol. 16. Jesus and the Hilltop.The Walking Dead Volume 16

“A Larger World”

Rick’s focus has changed. Carl’s incessant brushes with death have Rick searching for more than just survival, he wants to live. At the end of “We Find Ourselves” Rick and Andrea finally break the sexual tension that’s been buzzing around them like flies at a picnic. It was a moment that I wanted and was afraid would never happen. So how is this going to affect the group, or better yet, how does it affect the community that has put their complete faith in Rick? Rick has more on his plate than ever before, and it’s about to be overflowing with the arrival of the one calling himself, Jesus. Well, he doesn’t exactly call himself Jesus, it’s just the name given to him by his “colony”. A colony that is branching out to other communities in hopes of trading goods and services. Rick, being the cautious man he is, of course takes Jesus prisoner. It’s starting to become a thing. What does Rick’s community have worth trading? Is Jesus’ proposition of trade the “real deal”? Where does Andrea fit into Rick’s life? You’ll just have to read “A Larger World” to find out.

I always have a hard time talking about the newest Walking Dead trades because I’m afraid I’ll give some awesome spoilers away, so I try to be as vague as possible. “A Larger World” is a heavier narrative trade from The Walking Dead. It’s filled with little action, some walkers displaced here and there, and is mostly filled with suspicion and distrust. The offer from Jesus sounds too good to be true, and Rick isn’t buying it. Taking prisoners and killing zombies is becoming a part of life and Rick doesn’t like it. He want’s something better, not just surviving, but actually living. It’s a direction that I think is truly daring from Robert Kirkman. By no means will Volume 17 be the gang just chilling by a fire making smores with no more zombies to worry about, but I think it will be interesting to see how many more of the community side with Rick’s new found lot on life.

Volume 16 is a stressful book that just leaves you asking more questions. It’s a necessary trade of a never ending battle for survival. The Walking Dead is by no means drawing thin on story, you sometimes just need books to gather your breath before the next one rips your lungs out. I have a feeling Volume 17 will be that book…


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