Thief Reboot Set to Steal the Show

March 5, 2013
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Thief Reboot Set to Steal the Show

Thief Reboot Set to Steal the Show


Gameinformer is poised to have the next cover of their magazine go all out for Thief 4, which has now simply become known as Thief.

While there isn’t too much information out currently, we do know Eidos Montreal has been working on the reboot for roughly two years, and it will feature the series protagonist Garret. As a long time fan of the series, I can’t wait. Personally, I’m really excited, as this was the game that put the stealth genre on the map. I don’t even remember anything before Thief, and once I got the taste for it, I was off to Tenchu and then Splinter Cell.


While the game does draw some “inspiration”, if you will, from current stealth champion¬†Dishonored, I still see big things in the future of Thief. That is if Eidos can capture the magic that made the series great originally.

I think this is gonna be one to watch as our current generation winds down, and guess what!? It’s headed to the next gen., so we might even get a sweet launch title here.

Want to catch some more info? Check this video from Gameinformer:

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