Through The Woods Kickstarter Campaign

June 4, 2015
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Through The Woods Kickstarter Campaign

Through The Woods Kickstarter Campaign

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So I got a phone call while I was driving about an upcoming game, since my car is pretty low on advanced bluetooth technology, I could barely make out what the young woman on the other line was pitching me. Since talking without a hands free device is also illegal in the state of Nevada, I kindly asked her to email me the game’s press release with all the info I may need. What I got was not at all what I expected.

Through the Woods is a third person survival horror game coming from Antagonist. They like to call it a “psychological horror experience” and are paying respects to classics like Silent Hill and early Resident Evil. More thrills less kills. Everything in the description sounds good to me.

Here’s the catch though, Antagonists currently has just over a week to get Through the Woods Kickstarter campaign funded, and with it being just a little over half way, I’m afraid this ambitious ode to survival horror wont see the light of day. Through the Woods looks creepy as hell, and with its interesting storytelling, plot, it would be a shame to see a title like this go to waste.

I actually have a demo for Through the Woods but I wanted to get this release out to you first, hopefully it’ll get funded and I can have a preview out for you soon.

Check out Antagonists’ Through the Woods Kickstarter campaign give it some fundage. Please?


Through the Woods was fully funded and is currently slated to release in Q1 of 2016 on PC. Sadly no talks of a console release, this game sounds like something Sony would jump on for the PS4.

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